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At  Alan Cooper Cabinetmaker Ltd. we are keen to pass on skills to the next generation. Very sadly, opportunities for learning traditional woodworking skills have been in decline in Britain for several years. We are privileged to have been involved in training a number of young people in furniture making skills over the years and they have been keen to learn. Some years ago, one young man who developed his skills with us during and after a course at Rycotewood College when it was in Thame, (where Alan also trained in the 1980s), became a head of department for Design Technology at a school with a strong reputation for teaching craft skills. Our trainee cabinetmakers learn to use 3D CAD software to follow the designs they are making. We combine traditional skills with modern methods.

Occasionally we may have a trainee vacancy. Please feel free to email to register any interest. Alan believes that an excellent way to learn cabinetmaking is within the atmosphere of a functioning commercial workshop which undertakes bespoke furniture and carries out installations on site. A basic competence with hand-skills is required beforehand, which may be attained by taking a college-course or, as a minimum, a set of woodworking classes like those offered at Wooburn Craft School which was attended by a very successful mature ex-trainee and she has highly recommended it.